A little more about me...

I am a UK-based Product Designer (MA) and Mechanical Engineer (MEng).

"That's an interesting mix", I hear you say. I started my higher education knowing that I wanted to design things - specifically things that move - and given that I enjoy physics and maths, I chose to study Mechanical Engineering.

I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2014 with a First Class (honours) Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEng). During my course I took part in Formula Student, and ran the media, marketing and photography for UBRacing for 3 years. This meant fundraising the £25k per year that the team runs on by acquiring sponsorship. I also designed the bodywork for the car in the 2012-13 season.  You can read more about my engineering background here.

Having had such a strong interest in the "arty" side of the engineering, I decided to enrol on a Product Design Master of Arts (MA) at Manchester Metropolitan University as part of the Manchester School of Art.

My design work during my MA has developed into a practise rooted in how we respond to products, how we can design more meaningful products; the psychology of design. Coupled with my mechanical engineering background, my design work combines functional, domestic design with an enquiring nature, prompting us to reflect on the human condition.

My current work examines the broad concept of time through timepieces. These more abstract time-telling devices explore the differences between the cyclic sacred time experienced by the natural world, and our own personal linear time.

In my spare time I enjoy traditional arts and crafts, in particular sewing.  My adventures in sewing and other hobby crafts are documented on my personal blog, Paper Yak, which I have been steadily writing since 2011.

I currently live and work in Manchester, enjoying the rolling hills of the Peak District and the industrial city centre.

If you are interested in my design work, please get in touch!